Fishing tips. Americans and Rapala

The first artificial lures are born.

The North Americans and Rapala. The Legend begins.

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 North Americans

But for hundreds of years, the most revolutionary system for catching fish was still unresolved, and it did not come until the end of the XIX century. Our protagonist was born in Baden Baden, Germany in 1843, and his name was Ernest F. Pflueger. Just like many Europe- ans in those years, he immigrated to the United States and settled in Ohio. The historical events of that post-war era, such as the vertiginous increase of the population and the support of the state  towards   any   kind   of   industry,  giving   economic   hand   to   enterprices, creators and inventors, propitiated that Ernest innovate in the new world of the artificial lures.

Ernest, along with his children, revolutionized the sport of fishing. They were the creators of multiple new concepts and designs, designs in which actual fresh and saltwater fishing are sustained. He founded the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, in where the first artificial fish were created and produced, such as Luminous Crystal Minnow made of glass, the Metal Dexter Spoon, the first wooden crankbait and the Flying Helgramite in 1883. The developments and designs continued generation after generation. Pflueger reels are legendary and nowadays are still made keeping the same brand. They also possess a professional website where they sell all kinds of articles for fresh and saltwater fishing. High quality products such as rods, fly reels or fixed-bobbin reels. Their Web is

They invented the first propeller lures with props on the head and the tail, carrying up to 5 triple hooks. They developed and improved all kinds of lures, spoons, flies, crankbaits, sphere fishes, swivels, safety pins, etc. They even painted the bait fish with the famous and effective red head and white body.

We must not forget other North American developers and manufacturers who along with the  Pflueger family, excelled due to their excellent proposals for fishermen. Very well-known were William Shakespeare and James Heddon.


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