Polish dating. What do sexual signals can mean?

Following with these chapters, today I´m going to talk about what can mean the sexual signals. I will list all the sections described.
 The eternal wish of man to discover when a woman likes him.
--  What do sexual signals can mean?. All the answers into the book.

The gestures or signals that women transmit are very diverse; they depend on the feelings and wishes the women are subjected to and on different circumstances of time, place and moment. Each of these gestures will express a different message that we are going to deal with. It is not the same to feel sexual desire in certain occasion than to be under the influence of the stormy love.

-- She likes you. Read the book.

This feature emerges usually during the first years of the adolescent period and it can last to maturity, that is, to middle-aged. She likes you. In general and  without concentrating only on these concrete situations, we will consult the following sections:

- The photocopier, the fax and the vending machine.
- The telephone.
- The workmate.
- The shoes and the heels.
- She copies your postures.
- Her hands.

There is a great range of possibilities so it will be really easy for you to discover  if the woman you are interested on likes you. Maybe you won´t meet at the vending  machine or at work but, surely, there will be signals with her hair, with  her neck, with  her hands or with her arms.

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