Polish dating. She wants to go out with you

Today I´m going to talk in the bookabout what can mean the sexual signals. I will list all the sections described.

 The eternal wish of man to discover when a woman likes him.
 What do sexual signals can mean?. All the answers in the book.

     She wants to go out with you.
The sexual messages within this section are the same than in the previous one. Only a few more related to a greater wish of knowledge and conecction through words have been added:

          -- She plays with her arms.
          -- The telephone.
          -- The workmate.
          -- The shoes and the heels.
          -- She copies your postures.
          -- To sit down together
          -- She touches your body walking
          -- Her hands

  -- She is secretly in love with you.

Due to it, we must stay alert because, according the described situations and explanations, the connection could take place in any moment and place.

These are the sexual situations and signals that we can usually observe:

-- To sit down together
-- She touches your body walking
-- Her hands

-- She wants to have sex with you.

These are the situations and clues to discover their wishes:

-- She moves her legs.
-- Sexual signals with her breasts.
-- Back postures.
-- The tongue.
-- The trousers.
-- The underwear.
-- The blankets to sleep.
-- She smooths her clothes and fixes her hair

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