Fishing tips. Finishes in crankbaits

Artificial Fishes or Crankbaits.
-How to make an artificial fish

The balance is fundamental for the correct mobility. 
The final step will be to finish refilling the groove with the wooden mastic...

Paint and finish  
The first stage will be to submerge the lure of balsa wood in the wood filler.

Next, we will choose a metallic paint of the desired color.

This paint will be the base. Now we will choose a dark paint, I personally use black. We will add soft brushstrokes from above to darken it as we wish. Let dry.

For the finish we can use indelible felt-tip. 

Finally the eyes. 

In the same way we used the wood filler, we will use the protective varnish. 

                                                            Finished crankbait

The bib. 
We have left the bib for the end, thus all the painting and varnish processes will not affect to its quality and transparency,

- Plastic bib.
How to make the bib silhouette. 
Next with the coping saw we will cut the figure away. 

- Metallic Bib.
We will draw on the steel sheet using the same template
Insert the plastic o metal bib...

Rings and hooks.

- Rings. 

-Treble hooks. 

- Navigation.
 -Action and movement.
Crankbaits are the big family that tries to include the vast existing variety of young fishes in all the seas of the world. 

These,in an attempt of attracting and of provoking the attack of the predators, produce noise, splash in the water and are of imaginative colors. 

The crankbaits or unstable baits also differ due to their characteristic action. In the majority of the families their movement is rhythmic and repetitive, caused by its bib; an element added or integrated in the own fish. 

Another of the characteristics of the crankbaits will be the space and depth that they occupy, that is, they all act and move next to surface. 

Some exceptions are some crankbaits that, helped by special systems, can move to big depths and that we will discuss in other chapters; an example is the case of trolling.

Finally, another differentiating factor will be the material. In all cases the body, the main element, is made of wood or plastic.

             Knots for artificial fishes. Clinch knot to tie the ring. 

Attached to you a fishing knots video

-Cast and retrieve techniques

The methods of cast and retrieve were born with the first baits. 

Nowadays, there are a great variety of retrieve systems to adapt themselves to the immense variety of crankbaits. 

-The classic retrieve.

-The name countdown is only used for sinking models;

-Stop and go is similar to countdown.

-Other skills such as sweeping or ripping.


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