Tapas. Vegetables Omelette

Master Tapas
Vegetables Omelette

Very tasty and healthy!
  Ingredients                                        Cookware
 -Tender garlic                                    - 1Non-stick pan
- Spinack                                            - 1 Glass bowl
- Sliced onion                                     - Vegetable strainer
- Chopped carrot
- Virgin olive oil
- Fresh eggs
- Salt


1. Clean the vegetables and chopped.                    

2. Pour all the vegetables in the pan           
and add salt. Fry. Place into the vegetable
strainer to release all the excess oil.

3. In a glass bowl, beat 3 eggs, salt
and pour all the vegetables. Mix well.

4. In a pan put some oil and let heat
through. Pour the entire mixture and cook
slowly about 10 minutes without allowing
it to burn the egg. Cover the pan with a
large flat dish. Press firmly with your hand
and turn the pan. Cook the other side. Remove
and let stand 15  minutes.

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