Tapas. Chorizo with piquillo peppers

Chorizo earthenware with piquillo peppers.
Delicious! A little spicy and very good mix with chorizo and vegetables.

  Ingredients                                                         Cookware
- Extra Chorizo sausages                            – 1 Earthenware or iron pot.
- 1 Can of piquillo peppers
- Olive oil and salt
- Slices garlic
- Chopped tomato
-  Brandy
- 1 Small chili

1. Cutting the chorizo and fry with virgin
olive oil, at the same time that the laminated
garlic on a clay earthenware.

2. Chop red peppers and mix -together            
with the chopped tomato- with bits of
chorizo. Cook or fry.
Chop a chilli and sprinkle.

3. Pour a splash of brandy and flambé              
    until the alcohol evaporates.   

4. Serve in clay pot or iron pot.                              
Serve with slices of good village bread.

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  1. Que buena foto!! veo que has estado por Leamington, mi familia vive en Rugby, cerquita. Enhorabuena por tu blog, es muy completo.

  2. Gracias Sofia.
    Si he vivido en Leamington y Warwick.
    Gracias por tu apoyo.
    Un saludo