-Year 2023

- Measurements 100 cm high x 81 cm wide

- Technique: Oil on wooden panel

- Price: 1,200 euros

- Painted in Petrés, Valencia

- Theme: Woman.

- Argumentation: - Argumentation: The author once again pays homage to women. He wants to capture his admiration for them in some way in his feminist work. In this case it represents the empowerment of women driving a large displacement motorcycle. The famous choppers, motorcycles that are difficult to handle and heavy. A romantic image and freedom felt when driving this type of mythical motorcycle. The wind blows and our protagonist's hair and her palm trees move rhythmically.

- Formal aspects. DM wood board on a wooden frame. Painted in oil. Figurative surrealism with a certain “pop art” flavor. Warm tones from carmine and grain to orange and medium cadmium yellow. Abstract surrealism allows us total freedom of inspiration and artistic expressiveness.