-Year 2023

- Measurements 81 wide x 100 cm high. Vertical

- Technique: Oil on canvas and acrylic base

- Price: 1,500 euros

- Painted in Petrés, Valencia

- Still life. Floral figures from the Valencian town of Petrés with a background of different shades of broken ultramarine blue with geometric decoration.


-Year 2023

- Measurements 100 cm wide x 81 cm high

- Technique: Oil on wooden board and acrylic base

- Price: 1,200 euros

- Painted in Petrés, Valencia

- Theme: Still lifes.

- Combination of still life with plant motifs.

- Formal aspects. Base in vermilion acrylic. Oil background in ocher range with various shades in white saturations. Composition towards abstraction with elements based on iconography of Japanese kitchenware and gastronomy, alternating with landscape and nature motifs in combination with abstract linear graphics engraved on the oil background.