Year 2020

- Measurements 100 cm high x 0.80 cm wide

- Technique: oil on canvas

- Price 1,000 euros

- Pictorial style: Figurative surrealism.

- Argumentation: The woman turns her back to the viewer. Her contemplative position invites us to dream, to share our interior with her. To feel like protagonists of the work. The author invites us to enter the painting. To participate in a contemplative way in the beautiful and bucolic landscapes of it.

- The figure of the woman is a tribute to the great Russian filmmaker, Tharkovsky.

She-she is sitting in the most fragile position possible: on some branches or trunks. Despite her difficult balance, she maintains her serenity and inner peace. She gives us a sense of the life force of her; Nothing will make him falter when it comes to achieving his dreams and ambitions. Again a tribute and admiration from the artist towards women.

-The mountainous landscape of grain tones, framed and partial that she enjoys, is in reality, a mirror that reflects the back of the scene. The part where the observer is located.