Year 2024
- Measurements 100 x 100 cm.
- Technique: Oil on canvas
- Price: 1,900 euros


Combination of geometric patterns in contrast to figurative and organic shapes.
The use of subtle shadows and lights adds a dimension of depth, suggesting the interaction of sunlight with the landscape. The composition is structured in the “three thirds” where the central one uses the range of greens for the countryside and the lagoons of the upper and lower ones cover meadows and hills.



Year 2024
- Measurements 100 x 100 cm.
- Technique: Acrylic, fluorescent acrylic and oil pastel on natural wood board
- Price: 1,900 euros

Description: Figurative landscape abstraction. Interpretation of an olive field. It represents the essence and atmosphere of an olive grove without adhering to a literal representation. The combination of primary and saturated colors evoke its twisted branches and leaves that swayed by the winds of sandy rocks express the light vividness of the Mediterranean landscape.



Year 2024
- Measurements 100 x 100 cm.
- Technique: Oil on canvas
- Price: 1,900 euros

Description: The atmosphere of the painting is calm and contemplative. The density of the pine trees and the way the light plays between the branches create an intimate and cozy space. At the same time, the depth of the forest suggests a sense of mystery and exploration, as if the viewer could step into the landscape and discover its hidden secrets. Imagination and creativity combine to offer an aesthetic experience that invites the viewer to reflect and connect with the work in a deeper and more ecological way.



-Año 2024

- Medidas 100 x 100 cm.

- Técnica: Óleo sobre lienzo

- Precio: 1.900 euros

Descripción: Los elementos del paisaje se simplifican y se distorsionan, creando una experiencia visual única y subjetiva. La imaginación y la creatividad se combinan para ofrecer una experiencia estética que invita al espectador a reflexionar y a conectar con la obra de una manera más profunda y más ecológica.



Year 2024
- Measurements 116 x 89 cm high.
- Technique: Oil with acrylic background and on canvas
- Price: 1,900 euros

Description: Landscapes of agricultural fields. Figurative abstraction. Research and study of landscape elements synthesized in geometric figures. Contrast of complementary tones between reds and greens. The tree figures are made in oil with monotypes.




Jose María Cal at Hopper Madrid with "Palimpest"

By MundoArti


Hopper Madrid is a Madrid establishment that is part of our exhibition project. They are committed to art and strive to offer spaces for numerous artists to present their projects. This time, they have received many applications from artists to exhibit, and Jose María has been one of those chosen to do so this April 2024.

Jose María Cal graduated in Industrial Design from the EAAOA (Current School of Art and Design of Valencia). He has also completed painting studies at the Barreira School of Valencia and a Plenearist Landscape Masterclass in 2023. He has also trained in printing techniques such as monotype and screen printing. It has been selected for the VI Biennial of Valencia Ciutat Vellla Oberta 2023. In addition, it has held numerous group exhibitions such as the Homage to Joaquín Sorolla in Burjassot for the Culturarte Association in 2023, the Collective Exhibition at the Abartium gallery in Calldetenes, Barcelona or the Exhibition in the Pitijopos Gallery in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz.

Jose María Cal's painting helps him communicate with others. The “painting speaks about oneself.” When we have difficulties relating to ourselves in this artificial world of ours, so prone to loneliness and isolation, plastic work is a magnificent means to show others our life experiences.... Memories and Valencian passages: Jávea, Cullera, Denia , Tuéjar, Chelva, El Saler, Pinedo, La Malvarrosa, Valencia, Alcocéber....

"The painting speaks about oneself. When we have difficulties relating to ourselves in this artificial world of ours, plastic work is a magnificent means to show others our life experiences".

Some works by the artist exhibited at Hopper Madrid

In his first artistic steps back in the eighties when he was studying product design, his influences were strongly marked by the artists of that time, Miquel Barceló, Jose María Sicilia or Miguel Angel Campano. It was expressionism. Later, and at the beginning of the 2000s, he began to opt for surrealism.

As a true obligation, the artist needs to create positive spaces where festivity and color serve as the best means to express all his vital desires. In this work the color, light and textures of the palimpests speak, but geometry and abstraction also speak.

We encourage you to discover the work of this artist at Hopper: C. de la Cava Baja, 40, 28005 Madrid; and follow his work on his Instagram profile @pintorjosecal


-Year 2024
- Measurements 100 x 100 cm high.
- Technique: Oil and oil pastel with acrylic background and on canvas
- Price: 1,400 euros

Description: Landscape of mountains and trees in geometric abstraction. Triangles, rectangles and lines make up the dynamic composition of a night scene where the lights provide a festive atmosphere. The entire warm range is combined plus the complementary contrast of the blue series.