Meat Paellas

Hello again friends, today is a pleasure to show an extraordinary paella with rabbit, mushrooms and truffles. One of the most delicious and aromatic rice in the world. Try the recipe you´ll  love it!. 

Secrets of Meat Food Paellas.

The broth. In the case of meat paellas, we add some sliced onion and fry with extra virgin olive oil until almost burnt. Doing this in the pot where it will boil the broth. Turn a spoonful of meat
extract or pill to enhance the flavor. Then grind all and boil.

Degreasing. All the meats we use we remove the fat. In the case of rice in the oven looking as ingredients, pork and sausage not too fatty. In this case both the ribs, sausages, and if we add chorizo or black pudding, fry apart and discard the excess oil.

Final watering few minutes before end of cooking, with chopped garlic, parsley and white wine.
                                 RABBIT, MUSHROOMS AND TRUFFLE PAELLA

Ingredients for 4 people:
- 1 40-45 cm paella. of diameter
- 400/500 grams of rice bomb
- 1,5 liter broth of chiken/vegetables
- 1 good rabbit
- ½ kilo of mushrooms
- 2 small truffles (grated)
- Chopped garlic
- Chopped Parsley
- White wine
- Sweet paprika
- Crushed tomato
- Thyme
- Extra olive oil
- Salt
- Saffron or food colouring             

1. To warm the olive oil in the paella and fry the cut up rabbit.
2. To fry the mushrooms.
3. To fry the chopped garlic.
4. To fry the tomato, once fried, place the sweet paprika without it being burned.
5. To spill the broth, add the saffron and correct the salt.
6. To place the rice. Put quite strong fire for the first 5 minutes and slow for another 10.
7. Before 5 minutes for the end, to place a sting of garlic, parsley and white wine about the rice.
8. To place the grated truffles and thyme.
9. Turned off the fire and leave rest 12 minutes and serve.
10. To Serve with a little truffle.

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