Fishing tips. How to make an crankbait

 Saltwater Fishing Lures
  Today we are going to start  talking  about the Crankbaits big family.
 Artificial Fishes or Crankbaits
 -- How to make an artificial fish. Read in the book.

The crankbaits, that is, unstable baits, constitute from the origin in North Americans and Lauri Rapala the most vast and most extensive range of saltwater fishing lures. 

From this reasoning and to save high costs, if we want to provide ourselves with a variety of artificial fishes, we will make them ourselves. Another great advantage if we make our own lures, will be to choose the type of fish we want. 
                                             From left to right and from top to bottom:
                                             Seabream, Salpa, Annular Seabream,
                                             Pagellus, Royal Seabream, Striped Bream
                                             Mojarra, Saddled Seabream

                                                   Prototype Designs
--To work the wood. 

Once we have the drawing, we will cut it out. 

With the scroll saw , we will cut the wood perpendicularly to the sheet.

Now it's time to make the two body cuts :

1. One cut at the bottom of the fish to place the framework.

2. The cut to place the bib. 

Finally, we will revise any existing defect with the sandpapers . 

--The framework.

We will draw handfree the shape of the framework 

With the template we will mould the wire of steel of 1mm thick. 


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