Polish dating. Wish to discover woman likes him

 Guys, How to Discover if a Woman Likes You
 The eternal wish of man to discover when a woman likes him.
    Remembering the adolescence; period in which the precocious contact with people of the opposite sex starts forming the first friend´s groups with informal reunions outdoors, face to face meetings, nocturnal outings… and the natural necessity to build relationships with people, our deepest wish is to manage to find out the feelings and wishes of the people we feel attracted to.

    However, we are not in luck because just in that period teenagers prefer hide their dreams and wishes maybe due to their insecurity to the unknown, to their early age, to their fear for possible unhappy love affairs or to their unquestionable innocence. Everything is reduced to easy conversations where laughs, jokes and quarrels are the focuses of the attention.

    On the contrary, the adolescent man are prepared to initiate any kind of fling or flirting with the girls, trying to find out any gesture or attitude towards us or towards our rival friends as an obsession and wish that lasts in the course of our life. A smile, a look or even a rubbing keep us on alert and hopeful. However, if we do not have that special sensitivity we have told about it will be really difficult for us to find out those hidden secrets, wishes and confidences that will be revealed, from time to time, only to her closest friends. www.squidoo.com

   We must be able to appreciate what is present, what is in the air and the extraordinary vibrations that people produce unconsciously. Only sensitive and observant people can perceive them. This kind of language is used thousand years ago and it does not need words to communicate.

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