Jerk bait. Action and movement

Artificial Fishes or Crankbaits.
   Action and movement 
Description of the different models on the market
I remember in my beginnings as a fisherman, I proposed myself to turn into a student of the world of Rapalas, in those days they were the only existing artificial baits, excepting the flies, which however, nobody was using in the sea, they were only used in fresh water fishing.

I classified a summary of the whole crankbaits offer. In those days it was a very extensive offer due to the possible combinations of models according to their action, size and coloring. This way I formed a complete range to equip and to enrich my first fishing backpack.

At present our proposal is to buy, at least, three or four models of the different families of artificial fishes. To do it properly we are going to describe with accuracy which can be part of our lures set. See the book.

Maintenance and conservation. Read the book.

- Initial review of the lures. 
- After fishing.
     -Care and Maintenance

- Hooks and rings periodic review. 
- Preys removal. 
    - Sereval techniques.

- Don’t modify the bib position. 
    - Bib uses.

- Body damages.
    - Restoration and painting.

List of predators. See the book.

 -- Floating Crankbaits, Shallow Diver.
Summary of models of available floating crankbaits on the market and the manufacturers webs. Description. Methods of cast and retrieve. Species to catch.
 -- Cast and retrieve techniques. See the explanations and drawings in the book.
There are two different techniques for the floating models:
              - Rectilinear cast technique . Cranking.
              - Sawtooth cast technique . Stop&Go.


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