Polish dating. Expressions towards man she likes

 Guys, How to Discover if a Woman Likes You.
 I´m going to explain  in the book, about the situations or behavior of women.
 Sexual expressions and strategies towards the man she likes.

-- The photocopier, the fax and the  vending machine. See the explanation book.
These kinds of signals are strategies to reaffirm her presence and to establish contact with the man she likes. They are very common at work.

 When we meet the woman we like in any of these places, we should think if it is a coincidence or an intentional meeting. We must take advantage of these opportunities because, I assure you, they won´t be very usual.

-- The telephone.

The telephone itself is an essential element for communication. No matter if it is an extension at work, a public telephone, a mobile telephone or whatever kind of telephone, it creates countless occasions to meet people and it makes easy the first approaches.

It is really difficult to enumerate all the possible strategies that can occur with the telephone and we must stay alert to any call or expression women originate with it. I can remember another curious and original situation in which telephone was protagonist.

This story shows in the book, the importance of the telephone. We won´t talk about its potential because it will be later stage. In any case we will stay alert because the telephone can create original and bizarre situations.

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