Tapas. Spanish Omelette Potatoes

Spanish Omelette Potatoes.

One of the most delicious spanish dishes in the cuisine. The secret for cooking
the tortilla is fry the onion until toast it, that is to say, that acquires a golden
 dark color. The second key is to fry the potatoes that must be between cooked
and very toast.

Ingredients                                                       Cookware

 – 1 Big onion                                                    – 1 Big knife
 – Good quality potatoes                                    –  Non-stike pan
 – Virgin olive oil                                                – Vegetable strainer
 – Fresh eggs                                                    – 1 Bowl
 – Salt                                                               –  1 Mandoline

1. Peel the onion and thread. Salted.                           
Fry until caramelized.

2. Peel the potatoes and make thin slices with a large knife or mandolin. Salted. 
Leaving fry and cook roasted potatoes. Place in strainer to 
remove excess oil.

3. In a bowl of crystal to beat 3 or 4 eggs, and to pour the potatos and the fried onion. 
Mixing well and to leave to rest so that the potato absorb the egg.

4. In a frying non-stick pan to extend a fine layer of oil. Heating the oil and to pour all the mixture. Leaving to cook very slowly some 10 minutes. Place a large shallow dish and
 covering the pan. Supporting the hand firmly over the plate and turn the pan fastly. 
Replace the omelette into the hot iron pan and let it finish cooking. Let stand at least 1/2 hour.


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