Polish dating. Desire for approach and relationship

 We are going to talk in the book about the  Sexual Signals.
Sexual Expressions and Strategies Towards The Man She Likes. 
     Desire for approach and relationship.

The capacity for communicative desire of women is extraordinary. Although it is not so direct than men´s, their manner has well marked subtleties and their strategies are really original. Moreover, women´s sexual signals are really suggestive and even stimulant.

    -- She plays with her hair and neck. See in the book.


Another possible sexual signal could be to move her hair away and to show us her attractive neck. It is an instinctive and unconscious expression but it invites us to kiss and caress her neck.

  -- She plays with her arms. See in the book.   

    -- The blankets to sleep. See in the book.

As you can see in the book, in this autobiographical story, that young woman went to offer her affection and sex through an unusual sexual signal, one of the most imaginative sexual signals that women can invent.

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