Tapas. Sauce garlic or ajoaceite

Book: Master tapas
Ajoaceite ( Sauce of garlic and oil)
Excellent sauce for tapas,  meat and shellfish

 Ingredients                             Cookware
 – Garlic                                          – 1 Porcelain mortar
 – Yolk                                            – 1 Wooden or marble pestle
 – Bread crumbs                              – 1 Alternativetly a stick blender
 – Sunflower oil
 – Salt   

Video, how to make a alioli


1. In a ceramic mortar, place a couple
of garlic without the heart and skin. Salted.             
Chop with the marble pestle or stick blender
until a fine paste.      

2.Add a small crumb of bread and an     
egg yolk. It is important that all ingredients      
are at the same temperature, ie, garlic, oil,
bread crumbs and egg yolk, otherwise be

3. Mix well until a thick paste without

4. To spill a very thin thread of oil and
begin to beat whether we choose to do               
with the pestle or with the stick blender.
Once the oil has been integrated into the
pasta, return to spill a little more than a fine
thread of oil. As we see to be increasing
the size of the sauce, we can to spill oilmore
often, always stirring constantly.
Take with accompanying bread or other
Store in the refrigerator no more than
two days. Beware the heat in summer to
avoid salmonella virus.  
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  1. Vamos es como un alioli pero lo de la miga de pan no lo había visto antes. Supongo que le da más cuerpo.