Trolling Techniques

Octopus and Squid Lures.
You can see all the market model in the book.
After see other kind of fishing techniques in the book with different classes of lures such as: spinning with crankbaits, deph jigging, vinyls or softbaits with head leaded, we are going to talk about the saltwater fishing with octopus and squids lures.

Basically the vinyls with imitations of octopuses or squids are being utilized in three modalities of fishing: light spinning, fishing from a boat, in kayak or float and finally to the jigging.

This video is Light Spinning.  Instead use  octopus the fisherman adds general vinyls


Fishes on boat

In the modality of fishing by trolling there are an infinity of tackles, technical and systems that we are not going to describe, therefore this article tries to be a fast guide to respond to questions about any of the numerous options in the world of the artificial lures for saltwater.
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Use of the exciters. 

We will only manage it being very organized and possessing a great control of ourselves. Being moved in such a narrow interior and submitting the arms to so much effor can be exhausting, but the reward will be large when, thanks to our oars, we manage to capture to mackerelScombers, Mahi mahi and even Dentex or Snapper. Of the most effective options for the fishing in kayak, we are going to propose two well differentiated:

- The first one could be the search and locating of shoal of small fry in surface. 
                                 Sea Kayak., courtesy © EC

- The second, we will seek with our canoe any group of embarkations that maybe fishing. 

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