Direct physical contact

 Instinctive Physical Contact.

 As we have seen in the articles about the physical contacts:  To sit by your side and She rubs you the body walkingnow we are going to talk in the book about two different situations:
She adjust you the clothes and the hair.
Physical contact while in an upright position. It’s not very common. Opportunities are scarce. The brush covers the whole body. We don’t need to be on alert because the bodily contact itself will alert us.

All the situations are described in the book:

Of all the possibilities of sexual communication that we deal with, the ones above are the most erotic, exciting, and promising. Direct physical contact, face-to-face, touching each other, is the most erotic and marvelous of all the possible situations, especially if you and she like each other. These are extraordinary moments that will be remembered over the course of your lifetimes. Enjoy them! 

Her affection, together with her erotic feelings, shows her great sociability and her extraordinary capacity to love. 

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