Calamari Recipe

Tapas. Batter Calamari.
As we have seen in other post like: Spanish Omelette Potatoes, Vegetables Omelette, Ajoceite (Sauce of garlic and oil)Chorizo earthenware with piquillo peppers and Poor Potatoes Earthenware, now we are going to talk about one of the most delicious and popular Spanish Tapas: Batter Calamari.
Our advice is to buy whole squid and very fresh, but we can also buy frozen and even cut.
– Very fresh whole squid     – Flour    – Olive oil   – Egg   – Salt & pepper   – Beer
- Non stick pan (alternative and better, deep fryer)   

1 Bowl strainer (metal fine mesh)


1.  Clean the squid staying just the tube. Cut into strips or rings.

2. Add salt and pepper. Flour completely. 
       In a bowl beat egg and add a splash of beer. Beat again and mix with the calamari..

3. In a deep fryer or frying pan  with the quite hot oil; among 180º and 200º, fry until golden brown.

4. Draining of oil in a bowl strainer of metallic fine netting, not on a napkin of role since they tend to be softened.

Serving accompanied by slices of lemon or mayonnaise.

You can enjoy watching this cooking video


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