Baked Spanish Rice

Traditional Spanish Backed Rice.
As we have seen in another paella dishes, this plate is similar but cooked in a earthenware.
This clay pot brings a unique flavors.
For the broth. Water and vegetables like, carrots, leek, turnip, chirivia, ham bone...
For the meet. Village sausages and spareribs.
Other ingredients. Slices tomato, chickpeas, chopped onion, garlic, crushed tomato, head of garlic and cooked slices potatoes.

Full list of ingredients:

- 1 Earthenware of 40 cm of diameter                    - 400/500 grams of rice bomb
- 1,5 liters of broth of chicken/vegetables               - 200 grams of sausage, sausage cut up
- 200 grams of ribs of pig                                      - ½ boat of cooked chick-peas
- Boat tomato cut up                                            - 1 Entire head of garlics                  
- 2 potatoes in tracks of ½ cm                              - 1 Tomato in tracks
- Cut up onion                                                      - Sweet paprika
- Saffron or food colouring                                     - Extra olive oil
- Salt

1. To warm the olive oil in a frying pan.                   
2. To fry all the meat and to reserve.

3. To fry in the earthenware, the onion and the tomato and next place the sweet paprika without it being burned.
4. To place the rice, mix and fry lightly.
5. To place the meat.
6. To spill the broth boiling, put the saffron and correct the salt.
7. To place the chick-peas, the potatoes, the slices of tomato and the head of the garlic in the center.

8. Put in the stove previously warmed to 180 grades, 20 minutes. Alternative, cooking in a pan.
9. Allow to rest 12 minutes and to serve.

                                        Paperback Full color 
                                               Paperback Full 
                                            Paperback Full color
                                             Paperback Full color


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