Ingredients for Paella

Vegetables in Paella I.

Three are the essential vegetables ingredients in any valencian paella; first thin is the string beans called tavella, the second flat and big string beans called locally garrofón and third flat green beans with sheath called ferradura
From here if we wish it we can prepare our paella with centers of tender artichokes from November, good revollones or chantelelles in the first rains after the summer; green or red slices peppers, small pieces of pumpkin or thin broad beans.
Other additions or combinations are possible, but with harmony and balance of flavours and ingredients. In a paella it does not work everything.
This video no has the same vegetables ingredients but is a very good video making the paella with bonfire.

You can read and study in the book all kind of vegetables.
String Beans

After 12 hours in water, increase its size twice.

Flat Green Beans

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