Showing Her Ass

Back Postures. Women´s Sexual Signals.

What do we mean with ´´back postures´´? Obviously, it means to show the rear or ass. This section in the book and the following one will deal with the most provocative parts of her body, that is, with her backside and her genitals. Of course, we talk about these postures when the woman is dressed.

   On the beach, a group of friends sunbathes near the waves. There was a spectacular girl wearing a bluish bikini with thin straps and a bow. She went continuously into and out of the water. Inevitably, I shot a look of desire at her and from that moment the game began.
   She looked at me time and time again to check whether I was keeping my interest in her or if my look had been only spontaneous. Without intimidating her, I undressed her with my eyes. They emitted such vibrations that she immediately began her ritual of both deliberate and unconscious behavior. 
   She started to play while lying on a towel near the water. There, on her stomach, she was rocked back and forth by the waves. She let the waves un-slip her bra.
   Thus, while the waves were rocking her, she smiled at me. Her smile became bigger when, inevitably, the waves took off her bra and revealed her smooth and marvelous breasts. She put her bra on again, being both amazed and embarrassed.

This was a deliberate sexual attitude. Now, I will tell you the unconscious one: she showed me her backside. Such an attitude is halfway between being unconscious and being premeditated, and it´s a kind of reflexive action. Anyway, she looked for the posture as a justified excuse to show me her backside.

   She went to the shore and she ducked to clean her flip-flops; the position of her bathing suit showed me her splendorous backside.

This bodily posture can occur most times. Women, when they like a man and wish to have sex, do it usually half-consciously. It is enough to pick up any object, to place something on the lowest part of a bookcase, or even to tie up shoes. 

Any excuse is valid enough for her to show us her private parts in a natural and prone position as a prelude to coitus. It is something natural in women. Remember that all these attitudes are, obviously, adopted by her while she is dressed.

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