Ingredients in Paella

Tomato, Paprika, Garlic and Ñora in Paella.
Four key ingredients in any Paellas. With them we get an excellent broth to enhance the aromas and flavors.
                                                       Sweet Paprika

The paprika is a spice to consider about  the three types of paella: meat, seafood or fish and vegetables. From how to cook, the amounts and types we will talk in our book.

                                                          Garlics head

Garlic, brings a flavor that should  be introduced into any type of rice, to add strength to the final flavor. Please note: quantities, order in its introduction to the cooking process, types of chopped and size.

                                      Crushed tomatoes or chopped tomatoes (concassé).

The tomatoes must be natural or canned?, What is best, crushing or chopping?. What amounts to be added and what is the point of pouring?. The way we fry, is also essential.

                                                        Ñoras or noras.

Although not always necessary, the Nora is irreplaceable as a spice in seafood Paellas and mountain or hunting Paellas. How to extract the meat and  combine with other ingredients to create a special sauce in Alicante called ¨salmorreta¨,  and get to convert into exquisite the Paellas.

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