Galician Seafood Festival.
Octopus Tapa.

    Every year is celebrated in many Spanish cities, the Galician seafood festival, for promote its seafood products. Among them, you can taste: spider-crab, sea crab, prawns, sea crayfish,  oysters, velvet crabs, mussels, langostino and of course octopus.

                                                                             Festival Place

                                     The customers enjoying with the delicious shellfish 

                                                                         Shellfish tray

                                                        Shellfish per person

                                                    500 years cutting Octopus

                                                                   Octopus to Galician

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   Now, we are going to explain a amazing Tapa: Octopus Galician.
– 1 Octopus big, clean and frozen              – 1 Wine cork                   – 1 Cooked potatoes
– Extra Olive oil                                        – Coarse salt                   – Sweet paprika

– 1 Pot very high and large
– 1 Kitchen scissors
– 1 Wine cork
– 1 Round wooden plate

1. De-icing the octopus. Putting a high and well large pot, water to boil very strong. Adding a cork of wine that facilitates the softening of the meat.

                                                          Frozen Octopus

2. When water boils vigorously, ¨scare¨ octopus three times: Prick the head octopus with large fork. Place in the boiling water and after a few seconds, out and leave in a plate also a few seconds. Thus three times. Finally enter and to leave to cook 45 minutes.

3. Remove from water and let cool about 15 minutes. Cut with scissors.

4. Place the cooked potato slices on wooden plate

5. Add slices of octopus and sprinkle with coarse salt, paprika and extra virgin olive oil, in that order. Serve with good artisan village bread.
A fabulous Tapa!.


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