Rapala Rap

Suspending Crankbaits.Saltwater Fishing.
As we have seen in other chapters of the book like:
Saltwater Fishing with Poppers.
Saltwater Fishing with Walk The Dog  
Saltwater Fishing with Skitter Prop Lures.
Now I´m going to show another chapter of the book: Shad Rap Lures.

In the book you can see the summary of suspending models on the market and the manufacturers webs. Description. Methods of cast and retrieve. Species to catch.

Video about the Rapala Shad Rap. The images are from freshwater, but the techniques are equally valid for saltwater.

Cast and retrieve tecniques.

We will explain in the book all modes of cast of these lures and techniques to deepen and keep it suspended half water. How to work  the fish  and get more catches.

Another good video about the Shad Rap or Suspending Lures.

Species to fishing.

In the book, I describe the species fished better with models crankbaits or suspending half water. The secrets to fish them, places, tricks and techniques.

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