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52 International Competition Paellas Sueca 52.

Since the year 1960 comes celebrating in the Valencian locality of Sueca, near of the nature reserve of the Albufera Lagoon.  Every month of September we can enjoy the most important contest on the Valencian Paella.  

The high levels of organization: planning and quality on all the aspects of the contest, since the equipment to handle the paellas, the better culinary ingredients for obtain the rice of rices, the place in zones landscaped, the level of the better chefs of the world in cook rices and the acts of awards ceremony and banquet, they do of this contest the most prestigious one of the world.  

Cooks come from all the corners of Spain. Also participating restaurants of Tokyo, Japan. Las Vegas, USA. New Zealand or Narbonne, France.  All with large singularities in their cuisines, but that in Sueca they gather  based on the same rules and ingredients to cook a paella. Of the minimum and subtle differences in flavors, presence, color and smell, will the champions.

Perfect organization, giving each restaurant and chef, working receptacle, with utensils made ​​by the organization. Paella, trivets, firewood, ingredients, in short, everything you need for a high-level competition.

The first phase and responsibility is to prepare the firewood and the base to light it.  Later the placement of the trivet or tripod of iron.  

Leveling the Paella. Very important for proper cooked rice.

The best ingredients provided by the organization: fresh vegetables from Valencia as tavella or small white beans, the garrofón or lima beans,  and  ferradura or flat green beans. We can also see two other key ingredients: tomato and garlic chopped.

The seasonings: among others, natural saffron and virgin oil extra.  The meats: good rabbits and natural farm chickens.

Rice, of course, D.O. of Valencia.

Chefs in their workplaces.

The phases of the Paella:  Once it leveled the Paella and placed its oil in the center, is time to fry the meat.  

The chef poured the rice and distributes well. A hundred grams per person.

Delivering the paellas for its appraisal and scoring.  

Here, we show cooks and restaurants of highly prestige that not even have had that to request to participate in the Contest, but have been guests to the Contest.  

                               Oscar Torrijos                                                             Vicente Granero
                                                            Casa Granero
                       c/ Finlandia, nº7, bajo                                                    C/ del Canto de la Torre, 9
                           46010  Valencia                                                     46118 Serra, Valencia    

Other chefs and Spanish restaurants.  
                   Restaurante Chust Godoy                                          Restaurante el Patio
                            C/ Boix, 6                                                                  c/ Granada, 39
                     46003 Valencia                                                                                 29015 Málaga

Foreign participants.  


Restaurante Le Saint Georgés
Narbona, Francia

The celebration at the ¨Cancela¨ Restaurant. Superb presentation and course banquet. All this paid by the organization to the attention of participants and guests.

    The winner of the Contest. World Champion Paella Valenciana.

            Ba Ba Reeba Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
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