Tripe Recipe

Spanish Tapa. Tripe of Veal Home with Chickpeas.

Veal Tripe or Beef Tripe (Callos) in spanish, is very traditional tapa or dish in Spain. You can mix with ham or chorizo or chistorra chorizo. Also you can added cooked chickpeas.

Tripe has got a lot going for it - it's cheap, it's nutritious, vitamin filled, unfatty stuff.


– Frozen cut veal tripe.
– For cooking the veal tripe: – Laurel, onion, garlic, whole peppercorns.
– For the sauce: garlic and chopped onion, chopped ham and chorizo.

– Cooked chickpeas.
– Paprika and chilli.


– 1 Pan and earthenware.


1. Buy beef tripe (in any butcher) and cut, washed and precooked. They are on sale vacuum-packed.

2. In a pot high, we will place the tripe, along with a couple of crushed garlic, laurel, onion, peppercorns and salt and cover with water. Cook for 3 hours. As it go diminishing the quantity of water, we will go it replacing.

3. The sauce. Fry in a pan, onion and garlic, some chopped tomatoes, chunks of chistorra and ham, a couple of chopped chillies and finally paprika.

Chistorra.   You can buy in

4.  Pour the sauce into the bowl of tripe with chickpeas cooked and cook 3/4 of an hour without adding water to thicken the sauce. Stand at least half an hour.
Finally add cooked cheackpeas.

 You can buy cooked cheackpeas in

Serve in clay pots to conserve the heat and the fragrance.. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
One of the best tapas in the world!.


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