Tapas. Poor Potatoes Earthenware

Poor Potatoes Earthenware.
This Tapa is probably one of the most delicious tapas in the world. Was, many years ago, a food for poor pleople, but exactly the simplicity, makes it incredibly tasty.

Ingredients:                                                                      Cookware:

– Garlic                                                                                          – 1 Non-stick pan and a lid
– Cut potatoes in fine slices                                                          – 1 Vegetable strainer
– Olive oil                                                                                       – 1 Earthenware
– Fried eggs
– Serrano Ham
–  Salt

1. Crush the garlic with a knife, broad                              
and flat, without peeling. Fry in plenty of
olive oil in a pan to avoid burn.


2. Cutting the potatos in fine slices with
a sharp knife or a mandolin.

3. Salting the potatos and to add to the
oil of the garlic. Firstly, fry with high heat
so that the potatoes are gilded up to toasting
and later on slow fire; turning softly to
prevent from breaking. If necessary we will
cover the potatoes with a lid. The secret is
that the potatoes are golden and between
cooked and very crisp. Remove from pan
and place in a colander or large strainer
vegetables to loose all the oil.

4. Fry a couple of fried eggs. Place the
potatoes with the garlic in a clay pot, over
fried eggs and chopped ham.Delicious!.

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