How to Build Our Own Flies. Flies

How to build our own flies.

Since the apparition of the modality, fly saltwater, many of the beliefs of a good number of fishermen changed radically on having heard that other sportsmen were capable of capturing nothing less than a wahoo with such a negligible and light trick as a fly, this way a new world was opened before them, where everything would be possible.

Although the method is so extraordinary, it is not less true that it is a technique difficult and limited in the long events and to certain conditions of the state of the sea. From the difficulty and the effort the reward comes; there is nothing purer than to feel directly the attacks of a predator, well entered in meats, without much tackle that a fly, fishing line and for reel a simple bobbin without mechanisms.

We are going to get in the universe of the fishing with fly in the sea, beginning at constructing our own flies, since there will be nothing more comforting than to manage to capture magnificent predators, with lures and tricks designed and created by us ourselves.

The concept of fly-sea defers with respect to the river, in two fundamental questions, the first one, the size: the aspect of the flies of sea must be increased for numerous conditions, as the weight of the predators, the extensions and rough conditions of the waters and the second one, the imitation of the fish grazed that they live in them; shrimps, crabs, eels and diverse fry.

Now we are going to centre on the selection of the materials and hardware necessary, as on any other form of creative craft in which we begin. The materials to use are simple and economic. The only thing that we will need is to have free time, where all our problems are parked and where we could concentrate relaxed to realize these delicate assemblies.


In this section we will give a list of materials and tools to mount flies-sea, basically reduced that permit us to indulge ourselves into and to familiarize us more easily with the world of the fly fishing.

- Fishhooks.
- Bobbins.  
- Eyes.
- Hair or fibers.

- Pens.
- Synthetic filaments.
- Silicones.
- Mylar tube.
- Tinsels. 
- Leaded.
- Glues and varnishes.

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