Fideua. Seafood

 Fideua (Short Nuddles with Shellfish).
Hi friends, this time I´m going to cook a Shellfish Fideua. In reality is a Paella substituting the rice by noodles. Then this recipe is called in Spain ¨Fideuá¨. Very, very tasty!.

cooking fideua video

Ingredients for 4 people:

- 1 40-45 cm paella of diameter
- 400/500 grams of short noodles, nº 3 (mediumsized)
- 1,5 liters of broth of fish
- 200 grams of bare big shrimp
- 200 grams of white fish cut up
- 1 Sliced cuttlefish
- Mussels
- Cut garlic
- Meat of dry pepper or Ñora
- Tomato cut up
- Sweet paprika
- Parsley
- White wine
- Olive oil and Salt
- Saffron or food colouring               

Fish broth:

-Flour the fish and shellfish from the beach, such as, crabs, breams, spider fish, scorpion fish , shrimp heads, etc, always in small size.
- Fry in a casserole with extra virgin olive oil. Reserve.
- Fry onion, a couple of whole garlic cloves, a wetted ñora, chopped tomatoes, carrot sticks, a little green pepper or other vegetable you have on hand.
- Pour water. Put to cook. When the water boils remove the scum.
- Cook for no more than 15 minutes and rest.
- Pass all through a sieve and crush  (fish and vegetables), so that all joins with the broth. The resulting taste is exquisite. Nothing to do with the boat broth are sold.

1. To warm the olive oil in the paella.
2. To fry the whole shellfish and next the garlic. To reserve the big scampi
3. To fry the tomato, the ñora and next to place the sweet paprika without it being burned.
4. To place the noodles, mix and fry.
5. To spill the broth, put the saffron and correct the salt.
6. To cook with high heat for the first 5 minutes and later slow for another 10 minutes.
7. To place of new the scampi and the mussels
8. To dust the parsley, garlic and white wine.
9. Turn off the fire.
10. Allow to rest the fideuá for 12 minutes and serve.

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