Spanish Paella

Night Paellas 2012.
El Puig. Valencia (Spain).
Every year in August is celebrated the Night of the Paellas in the Valencian village of El Puig
Near  6.000 people  meet to celebrate the festival of the paellas. Free rice, free fire wood, free olive oil and of course, free beer.  All is organized by the City Hall.
Very, very funny fiesta. Everybody together, cooking paellas, talking,laughing, tasting tapas, eating amazin bonfire paellas and finally dancing with music.

                                                                 Monastery El Puig

                                                         Before paellas fiesta

                                                                  During the party

 Each group of friends or family has assigned their place and their firewood to cook the paella

                                                                   Making the bonfire
                    The bonfire is ready to place de Paella pan. As you can see, not too strong

                                                   Different tripods or paella supports

                                                                     Frying the meat

                                                                      Vegetables Paella

                                                                   Boiling the broth

                                                                      Final Paella   
                                     Paperback Full color 
                                              Paperback Full color 
                                             Paperback Full color 
                                           Paperback Full color


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