Walk the Dog. Saltwater Lures.
I´m going to carry on talking about the crankbaits family. In the last post we saw the Popper lures.
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Fishing Tips

Now we can see in the book, the amazing ¨Walk The Dog¨ lures. A lot of models  in the market are explained profusely about their designs, concept, colors and navegability.
         How to make a walk the dog lure

Methods of  Cast and retrieve.
The walking fishes belong to a new action and design concept. We can read all the explanations in the book.

                                                Retrieve technique, walking the dog.
  Saltwater fishing Walk The Dog.   Fishing Drum

Species to Fishing.
These are the most representative fishes that we can catch with ¨Walk the Dog¨ lures. Everything that you want to know about the best times and days along the year. Techiniques, and tricks. The best places in the Seven Seas, their webs and links. All in this useful book.

Sea bass
Striped Bass

Mahi Mahi

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