Sevilla Tapas

Sevilla Tapas.
Onion Tuna with Green Peppers.

                        ©José Luis Filpo Cabana

Sevilla (Spain) is one of the cities in Spain where traditionally offered the best tapas. There are about 4,000 tapas bars.

The tastiest tapas in Seville are related to the sea. Seafood tapas like, cod croquettes, garlic shrimps, fried cod, batter calamari, tuna, cazón, little fish in flour, etc. Other kind of tapas mix the meat with vegetables.

   The Tuna fish together with the Grouper, probably are one of the most tasty fishes in tapas. In this case I´m going to explain a delicious tapa with Tuna.


– Red tuna fresh                      – Salt                              – 1 Big onion and green pepper
– Olive oil                                 – White wine                  – Fresh black pepper
– Flour                                      – Chopped parsley


– 1 Non-stick pan
– 1 Plate with a paper towel
– 1 Big knife

  1. The best is Red Tuna fresh steak, but now is very  rare and endangered; we can substitute any type of small tunas such as the Albacore Tuna,  Skipjack Tuna, Little Tunny or even good Mackerel.

2. Fillet a large onion and a green pepper and fry until it is caramelized.

3. Slice the tuna steaks thick. Add salt and pepper and flour. Leaving the interior a little raw. Keep  on a paper towel to release the excess oil.

4. In a earthenware add onion, tuna, a little fish broth and white wine. Cook until sauce thickens. Serve in small clay pots. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

            Final look Tuna Tapa

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  1. Próximamente abriré un restaurante y estaba buscando buenas tapitas para mi carta. Tu post me ha sido de gran referencia. Un saludo!