Best Lures

Saltwater Fishing with Skitter Prop Lures.
As we have seen in other chapters like:
Fishing with Poppers
Walk The Dog Lures
Soft Baits
Floating Crankbaits
Now we are going to talk about the Skitter Prop Lures:
We can read and see in this book, many models about  the Prop Lures family. Its design, color, size, concept and where can you buy it.                                  

      Cast and retrieve Techniques

In this book you can find all the secrets about the cast and retrieve techniques. And how we can print the appropriate action to catch more and better.

Species to fishing

These are the most representative species for fishing with Prop Lures. We can learn in our book, how fish them and where are the best places, best times and all the expert saltwater fisherman secrets.

                                                                         Squid o Cuttlefish

                                                                       Striped Bass

                                                                   Jack Mackerel


   You can enjoy a lot reading this book. Buy it in:


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