Sea Flies

Saltwater Flies III


Minnow Spanish fly. 4 cm.
Imitation minnow, with transparent eyes 3D and thin white feathers. Body of pearly colour realized in thread and protected with epoxy. The eyes in this case are placed in the rear part of the body, perhaps to print another type of action.


Slider Night.7 cm.
Really I do not know where from there comes this name, which actually it means, between others things, the part of a mould that slides on sense opposite to the opening of the cited equipment. They are a part separated from steels or other metals. Perhaps the head in the
shape of bullet and rounded: resemble a slider?. 
In any case what if we distinguish in this family is that all the flies have the head rounded with the very cut hair. The fly that appears in the photography consists of head realized with iridescent fibers like Chenilles and adhesive eyes. For the loin there has been mounted hair of brown dark rabbit, given on a body realized in a hollow black mesh like Mylar, finished off in the tail with silver fibers. Fishhook of #1 of long shank.


Gummy. 4 cm.
This super original fly is alike a fry that recently has hatched of the egg, of which it still feeds, forming head and tail in only one body. Was created in 2002 by Blane Chocklett, from his shop in Roanoke, Virginia, It even possesses versions in the one that has leaned in the low part of the head a small ball that seems of rag, imitating the egg. 
In contrast to the majority of flies that are tied, this model is stuck. Made out of the material Sili Skin, this model it appears with the loin in a brown colour. The rest of the materials and even the assembly step by step, it has been described at the beginnig of this chapter, in the assembly of a fly Gummy.


Bucktail 28GR. 7 cm. Spro.
Clearly for species of half a size, this bucktail of red head plummet possesses, as in the majority of this type of jigs, the ring on the head to transmit an ascending / descending action. It has tied Dubbings or hair of white and red color combining with multicoloured someone. Species as the seabass, striped bass, amberjack, tarpon or snook of the Caribbean. Fishhook 5/0.8 cm.


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