Tongue Girl

Erotic Expressions with Tongue in Women.

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She rubs you the body walking. 

Now I´m going to explain the sexual expressions with the tongue. Women´s sexual signals.  

Few women use it unless they are having a sexual relation, where kisses, caresses and orgasm facilitate its use as an organ to express feelings. This feature shows that the women who use the tongue are hotbeds of passions. Their level of excitement in the bed is matchless.

What is that expression? It is very easy, as an introduction, we will say that it is an act totally unconscious. The woman or girl who we like has in mind the use of the tongue as a signal of wish, excitement and sexuality; when she is nervous puts her tongue out.

There are three different positions: 

The first one and most powerful is to put all her tongue and touch her upper lip. She will remain this way for some seconds full of desire and excitement.

The second one is to put her tongue out when she is moved due to a romantic or suggestive conversation. 

The third and last one is to put her tongue out to touch the corners of her mouth. Really erotic and provocative!. Remember; she will do it without looking at us.

This action can occur at the same time that she touches  her neckline. If it occurs in front of us, it is better to be in a public place because if not, she could devour me or vice versa.

The sections described within this chapter (book) are probably the most important ones in relation with the sexual desire. If we are alert we can initiate marvelous relationships and, at the same time, to satisfy her internal fire.



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