Paella Pans

Kind of Paella Pans.

I´m going to describe in this article the most important tool for developing dry paellas (rice should be dry), the  paella pan.

 Currently, due to the diversity of products in factories and technological advances, the  paella finishes, are sold to consumers in multiple ways and qualities, some of them almost ¨surprising ¨.

We will list the different types available, rating the less recommended order to the very recommended or excellent.  Finally teach other curious and original models, but very useful.

Steel Paella Pans.

This paella is the most used in homes. It has been the best selling and most long ago acquired also in restaurants, but these are changing to other qualities.

Is the most economic one of all, but has also its disadvantages.  It oxidizes and is blackened with extreme facility.  As a result of it, the maintenance should be more careful, should to rub with mop of metal until returning  the shine of the steel appear and immediately to extend with sunflower oil a layer to avoid the oxide.  Besides, these Paella Pans tend to leave a very light metallic flavor.   

Polished Paella Pan.


They are the same as the previous but destined professionals of the restaurants.  Its it finished is of a great quality.  The cares are the same that those of steel. 

 Paella Pan enamelled.

These actually personally recommend. No rust, both get dirty, simply clean with a fiber-wool-and never metal sponge, and obviously without scratching. In any case, it is very resistant glazing. Provide no metallic taste. Most restaurants specializing in paellas them use. The price is slightly higher than steel paella.The future!.

Nonsitck Paella Pan.

The best paella paella or existing. Very high quality. High restoration professional cooking. Not very large market. I remember that the maximum size is 60 cm. (6 to 8 people). Ideal for glass ceramics but also valid for gas. Not valid for firewood. It requires a lot of care when cleaning any nonstick pan. No scratch, just use soft wool pads. To facilitate cleaning can, after cooking, pour boiling water with a splash of vinegar to soften the  rice and food.

For perfect cooking rice, pour a thin layer of fine grass. Highly recommend it for toasted rice, caramelized called   or  ¨socarrat¨.
    It is used, among others, in the Restaurant QuiqueDacosta (
3 Michelin stars. Probably the best restaurant in the world to cook rice.

4 Handles Paella Pan.


Really innovator this paella enameled with 4 handles.  Very useful its management and turn.  Otherwise the same qualities that a paella enameled standard.  

Paella Pan for multi-taste and different flavors.


 Another innovative pan. You can cook different types of rice, for example some of the other seafood and meat or hunting. An original option and 'exotic ¨ for tourist restaurants on the beach and for foreigners. The finish is glossy. Requires a greater difficulty in cleaning. Congratulations to the manufacturer.

Engraved Paella Pan with heat and painting.


Once again I congratulate the Spanish manufacturers for their innovation. This is one of the secrets to the present and future profitability: creativity, imagination, innovation and development. All under strict quality controls.

Because is enameled can be engraved -with painting- the logotype or name of the restaurant.  Publicity and free promotion.  Resistant to the fire, permits any type of rubbing or wash.  
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