Saltwater Jigging

General Description. Drop and retrieve techniques.

Although with the crankbaits the classification is well defined, in the case of the jigs its not the same. We might only say that there are two kinds of jigs; jigs for pelagic fish, that is, for mid-range deep fish and jigs for bentonic fish, that is, fish that live in little, midium and big depth ranges.  

The second classification will be based on the water column depth and its currents. This way, we will obtain three kinds of jigs; small size and little weighed, up to 100 grams (3,5 oz), middle size and weight, up to 180 grams (6,3 oz)and big size and weight, up to 1.200 grams (42,3 oz). Within these sizes, the shapes and designs obey to the way of falling off and of retrieving of the bait and (butterfly or fluttering) to the design (Inchiku). This last one consists of lead head and small octopus.

                                                              Jigs of the Inchiku family

More than classifications showing the size and weight, on the market they show the different designs and concepts that each brand or manufacturer develop. The manufacturer recommends a specific form of retrieval in his models but fishermen are free to apply any system; short and rapid twitchs, continuous retrieve, zigzag twitchs retrieve, fall down to bottom keeping the depth. Depending on the experience and the number of catches that we make, we will apply to every jig a certain action and system of retrieval.

The methods of retrievial have been generalized by all the seas of the world, the so-called seven seas (the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico), and they have acquired the English terminology; pirking, fluttering, bottom fishing or deep jigging.

Methods of cast and retrieve.

Vertical Fishing
The vertical deep jigging is a kind of fishing that is carried out from a boat. It is a technique that nowadays is practiced in all the seas of the world and that has replaced other techniques such as the trolling. 
If we compare it with fishing with natural bait, it also wins. 

After praising the jigging rather than any other form of fishing from boat, now I have to number its disadvantages. 

With this innovative technique the whole water column is explored twice.

The result is countless catches. Dentex, snappers, amberjacks, seabasses, halibuts, salmons, scorpids, cods, the list does not end. 

We have to bear in mind that in general and due to the big bottoms, the inhabitants are of considerable sizes. 

Types of Jigs.
Proposals brands.
Drop and retrieve techniques
- Pirking. 
- Fluttering
- Deep jigging  
- Bottom Jigging.



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