How to make your Softbait

Softbaits or Vinyls for saltwater.
As we have seen in the chapters:
- How to make an crankbait
- Finishes in crankbaits
- How to make our own flies

now comes the turn for:
How to build our own vinyl.
To make our own softbaits we have two options. The first and simpler one consists of the execution of small pipes or silicone macaroni. The second and more laborous, but with more elaborate possibilities to work with, forms with real imitations, this technique is made with molds of silicone or steel.

You can study everything in our useful book.

Direct technique with silicone.
 List of materials:
 For the lure:  
 For the finish

  - Version of hollow vinyl 
  - Version ¨macaroni¨.

Technique with molds.
    List of materials:
    For the lure
    For finishing

 To begin we will draw our form of lure, whether a fish, worm, crab etc.. 

 Second step, we will take the two rowboats of silicone RTV 

 Elaboration of the silicone Plastisol.
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