The Fire for Paella

THE FIRE (natural or artificial).
Natural fire.

Paella and fire, fire and paella. Two inseparable components. Fire, primary terrestrial element, powerful, magnetic and dominating energy. In our case it will be an essential component, be a natural fire or artificial fire, well to gas or electrically.

We will begin for the used in the origins of the Paella, somewhere middle of the XIXth century, that is to say natural fire. Anyone that should begin in doing a bonfire, we will say to them that the first step is to mount the base. We will always prefer a natural base. 

 - Bonfire explanation in the book.

- Two types of supports for cooking Paella in the book:

   - Stone or cement with iron bars. 

  -  Iron triangle.

   Election of the type of firewood. 

Anyway I feel more in favor to the fire gas, simply because it is more comfortable, fast and stable, but admitting that the rice done to firewood acquires light smoked aromas and a better natural cooking. 

Artificial fire.

The artificial fire will be the most common at the time of cooking a paella. This system will allow us to cook at home or in our garden. For use artificial fire we will have to begin by the easiest and economic systems.

Book clasification:

Cooking with our own fires of the gas kitchen or hob.
Cooking with our own gas kitchen placing an adapter that allows bigger paellas. 
Finished and autosufficient system for cook paellas at home, garages or gardens. Professional paella . Ideal barbecues substitute. Tripod Stand for Paella Burners.

Once we dominate a paella of a diameter for fires of kitchen, we will give the leap to the system number 3. In the specializing shops or in Internet (they sell packs finished) we will purchase a stainless steel tripod, strong  with tree mobile stops, that regulate height and level our paella pan. 

On this stable tripod we will mount in turn a burner with three supports. This burner is of circular distribution fire double. 

1. The connections with the authorized gum pipe and in its date of use; must insure themselves well with authorized metallic rings, so much in the union with the gas cylinder as with the main entry of the burners. Avoid the children's presence around.

2. Be careful with the spilled one and warning of the oil. The paella will remain leveled when the oil rests on the center. We will close the valve and will disconnect the hood of the gas cylinder once cooked the paella.

3. The flame of the gas must have a stable and uniform combustion and its aspect of blue color. If it is not like that, we recommend change the burners system or change the full installation.

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