How to seduce a woman

 Physical contacts with a girl.

Her wish for affection and sex.
Physical contact is an essential human behavior that allows people to break the ice and to get close. In our case, if a physical contact is produced, except rare exceptions, we will be quite sure that the woman we are interested on wants our affection and wants to have sex.

Among all the possibilities that these sexual expressions offer, the most important is the physical contact. The other behaviors will emerge as unconscious and involuntary acts.

      I show you in the book these several acts:

   Kinds of physical contacts:
- To sit by your side
- She rubs you the body walking
- She arranges you the clothes and the hair
- The hands

 To sit by your side
    This sexual signal is explained profusely in our book.

Finally, I must highlight that these attitudes are very positive and they prove the great sociability of women. Sitting by your side and touching you makes her to feel and to remember she is not alone and that the love is possible.

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