Spanish Sauce

Salmorejo Sauce.
This sauce comes from Andalusia, Cordoba city. You can use as a simple sauce and eating with bread toast or added with a good backed rabbit or even can be eaten as a cold soup.
In this article we have cooked as a Tapa with egg and ham.
Is very simple to cooking and delicious!.
For the sauce
– Chopped tomato   – Peeled garlic  – Virgin olive oil – Bread crumbs – Vinegar – Salt
For Tapa
– Good village bread      –  Spanish Ham    –  Hard-boiled egg


– 1 Glass jar     – 1 Stick blender          – 1 Big knife


1. In a bowl high or jar, add tomato puree natural boat, a couple of garlic without skin and heart, bread crumbs, a dash of vinegar, olive extra oil and salt.

2. Crush all.
3. Cook an egg and chop. Chop very fine ham.

4. Over a soup plate place the salmorejo sauce and add a chopped hard boiled egg and ham. It may take with a spoon. 
The second alternative that works as a Tapa, will extend the salmorejo on good artisan bread toast and sprinkle with chopped ham and egg.
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