Physical Contacts: The Hands.
Further to the physical contact in which we described, To sit by your sideShe rubs you the body walking and She adjust you the clothes and the hair, in this time we are going to talk in the book about the hands.

The hands, together with the mouth and the eyes, represent the elements that project our thoughts and feelings. If we have a trembling voice, this means that we are insecure, frightened, or even that we are in great pain. Meanwhile, the eyes represent and reflect most of our feelings such as love, happiness, sadness, anger,and melancholy.

For men, the hands will represent all the possible states of mind, and all the thoughts that can be expressed by the human being. Most of the movements are unconscious. They are reflexive acts that are easily observable in people who make public speeches, where we can see the wide range of gestures and movements that they make. These gestures and movements transmit all kinds of vibrations and states of mind and they reflect even the illnesses that we suffer from, for example, Parkinson, an illness that affects the nervous and circulatory systems.

We could cover the hands in one whole book. Palms and fingers, although they have a genetic component, also define character. Most people, when choosing a person to form a relationship with, observe the shape and care of the other person´s hands.

We will classify the part on hands into three sections in the book:

- First. Rubbing hands

-Second. She passes her hand under your arm. This isa curious but delicate sexual expression.

- Third. She places her hand on top of yours. It is a difficult situation because the sexual expression is too obvious and her sexual desires could come to light. Thus, this expression will occur at favorable moments when it doesn´t reveal any more than necessary. However, we must still remain alert.

We shouldn´t wait for her to take the initiative. Because touching hands is a very normal and natural sexual signal, it will be very easy for us to approach her. That is, we can create situations in which she touches us with her hands without noticing that we have discovered her. No matter if it occurs while we are working at the computer, lighting a cigarette, passing an object, etc. We must be natural!

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