Spanish Tapas: Anchovies in salt.
This time I going to show you, how can we prepare a very tasty Seafood Tapa. Is very typical and popular in Spain. 
We can buy the Salted Anchovies prepared and ready to eat or uncleaned. The best flavours coming from the uncleaned anchovies. We can buy the both alternatives: Anchovies ready to eat. Anchovies uncleaned. in a salted pack.

In this article I going to show you  the method of curing Salt Anchovies and after curing minimum a half year, how to clean.

Jose Andrés Cook, works in his Washington Restaurant. He explain the Anchovy Tapa.

Curing Fresh Anchovies


- Anchovies
- Coarse salt
- Pepper in grain
- 1 Glass bowl
- 1 Little Tapas tray

- Take a high jar of crystal and we will fill the coarse salt fund. Then place it a few grains of black pepper.

- Cut the heads of anchovies without removing the intestine. The anchovies must be very fresh. Place a layer of anchovies and a salt and peppercorns. So to fill the whole glass jar.
- Screw the lid tightly and leave at least 6 months in healing.

When the anchovies are cured either homemade or purchased in any commerce, remove the the tail, the intestine and all the fishbones.

- Clean up of salt in a fine jet of water.  They must be completely empty of thorns. 

Drying well on kitchen paper.

 Place in a small tray .

Covered with extra virgin olive oil. Add sliced garlic and peppers and let stand several hours. Serve with bread and tomato.
Amazing Tapa!
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