Quail Egg Toast

Quail  Eggs on Toast  of Cod.
     The combination between cod and eggs is very tasty. In this case on a toast bread.


– Quail eggs
– Desalted cod
– Chopped onion
– Piquillo peppers
– Chopped tomato
– Crustless bread
– Salt


– 1 Non-stick pan
– 1 Big knife
– 1 Vegetable strainer


1. Desalt the cod in cold water 48 hours. Alternatively buy frozen cod and desalted.

2. Chop the onion and piquillo peppers. Pour all together with the chopped tomato in a pan. Salt and fry. Once mixed with fried cod.

3. Place in colander and let it remove all excess oil.

4. Fry the quail eggs. Toast the bread without crust and cover with the mixture of cod. Top with an egg on toast.

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