Saltwater Flies I.

I might say without any type of doubt that almost all the  predatorhave been caught by infinity of variants and type of fly for salty water.  Anyway our intention is to indicate that species that are more commonly  caught and looked by the fishermen, due to the facility and access  to his habitat and to his special attraction and desire towards the Streamers, Gummys or Drivers.

Candy deep. »  (Top photo).

The fly Candy imitates a small elver, small sea pike or thin fry. Developed by Bob Popovic, who worked the epoxy for a long time, to give form to a stylized body of which the fibers or filaments are born. Not only has it developed varied models of fly, but it possesses books about them and even equipment of fishing as rods. The head appears with epoxy coloured, integrating a tiny lead in spherical form to contribute major action and capacity of thrown.. For the loin a few dark Tinsels and for the body Flashabou or Kristal Flash multicoloured iridescent. Fishhook of #5 of very sharp top, for sea. In the water, it defines a form very thin and stylized to imitate to the said elvers. Ideal and effective for the family of the seabasses, bonefish and even for small tuna.

Clouser Minnow. 2 cm »

The most famous Clouser Minnow created by Bob Clouser, probably is the fly that has caught more fish both in salted and sweet water. It has to always be present in the box of any fisherman of fly saltwater. It is sunk thanks to his eyes leaded double, called also diábolo. They are of red color with the black iris and they are centred just after the ring of the fishhook. This fly is constituted with the fishhook of the reverse. His components have been described in the assembly of a fly Clouser. In this model it inserts natural hair, with reddish and hair a little of Flashabou of golden color. Fishhook of #6. To dropping and to recover, this will produce a movement in very effective tooth of saw.

Crazy Charlie.2 cm. »

Numerous records it possesses this fly created by Bob Nauheim and widely used for the creeks that flood for the tide on the coast North-East of USA. In turn and probably, the fly most used in the fishing of the macabí, especially in the flats of the Caribbean. Valid also for any trophy of those who integrate Grand Slam. Our fly is mounted by eyes of tugsteno silver-plating with a black point. The thread of the body is thick, pearly, emphasizing perfectly the returns of the cordage. in our case are the white fibers, alternating with some multicoloured for the tail. His aspect in the water is almost transparent, imitating the fry semi invisible of The Bahamas.

Deceiver Epoxy White-Chartreuse»

The fly Deceiver represents to the set of flies for the fishing in the sea. Of simple design and constructed well to avoid tangles, make possible infinity of variants in the election of fibers, hair or feathers, as well as of tones. Essential in the box of the fisherman. This model is constructed by a fishhook of long shoot #3/0. For the loin two rachises of peacock have been used. For the body a combination of hair or Dubbing of light green and olive colour, together with thin feathers of yellowish green. Finishing the combination, a few multicolored Chenilles with the same tones. For the belly white hair. Reddish protruding eyes and transparent. Head finished off with thread and protected with epoxy. All kinds of predators sea. 5 cm.


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