Valencia paella

Paellas in Albufera Valencia
 The last Sunday  September 8, 2013 in a small village very close to Valencia: Catarroja
  I enjoyed a lot during all the day.
 The Programm was very useful and interesting.

....and the place was very nice. Catarroja is near to Albufera Lagoon. Has a small port, where you can take a boat and enjoy nature.

   After the water trip, the cooks start to cooking wonderful paellas:

            Adding the virgin olive oil and the salt.

   Frying the small calamari and the tender garlics.  Calamari and tender garlics Paella.

Paella with pork chop, red peppers and raisins. Delicious.

In the mean time, while the cooks are boiling the paellas, we were receiving a very good rice cooking classes.

   After  the farmers did a demonstration of ancient rice harvest. Wonderful!

  Finally we enjoy, together with our friends and family, eating the paellas.

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