Polish dating . Woman and Affective Psychology

Woman Sexual and Affective Psychology.

The great affective capacity of women transforms their experiences throughout their life, intensifying happy and sad moments. As if their soul were all on edge. Their sexuality and emotions are conditioned, in some sense, by their hormonal physiology. The beginning of the adolescent period with its menstrual periods, the fertile period and, at the end of her life, the menopause determine her state of mind and sensitivity when facing her life experiences that enrich her personality that can be sometimes passionate, melancholic, happy or dreamy.

Thanks to this special affective sensitiveness she is able to grasp immediately the possible and future relationships with men. That innate perception of feelings allows her to detect her possible couples.

Women like a man when they perceive and feel that they are desired by him. From those feelings and vibrations starts her nonverbal communication.

These nonverbal messages are what we call secret and instinctive connection. This kind of language is only perceptible by extremely sensitive people of the opposite sex. Without this
premise they are really difficult to be perceptible. Due to this situation this book was created;it is a guide to educate men who are not able to capture these signals that show women´s wishes.   www.sscnet.ucla.edu

The nonverbal communication, that is, the sexual and affective  communication is so extraordinary that women are able to express a wide range of signs, signals, gestures, attitudes…thanks to it. It is a secret and marvelous language that is there and that women offer only to men who know and dare to come into their mysterious and magical world. If a couple (man and woman, girl and boy) is able to establish a contact they can speak or express their feelings without any word and nobody would notice it.

It can occur at work near the workmates, in friend´s meetings, with family, in the street, etc. Only the couple knows it and they do not need to say a word.

It is obvious once these secret contacts are established it is time to continue with the next stage and to establish a personal knowledge through the language. Firstly we will start with little
conversations that make easy future meetings. It is important to know that we mustn´t  extend the nonverbal communication stage because the other person could think it was just a flirting and that she or he does not want a relation but to play with him/her.

If that occurs, the man should reject the relation with the woman  who only wants to increase her self-esteem and to play to ridiculous games.

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